Imagine, if you have a son or daughter, that they just got their drivers license. We both know that this is a turning point in the life of every 16-year-old. Now, imagine your son or daughter gets a card in the mail from your real estate consultant, and the card is congratulating them on their accomplishment and inside the card is a gas card with $25 dollars credit. How would you feel?

Well this is only one of hundreds of different kinds of cards Terry Moerler sends out to the people in her MyCLients database every month.

You will love her ideas on how to use cards as a foundation to grow a referral business.

EPISODE #7 - A Simple System That Can Add $100,000 a Year or More 

To The Bottom Line Of Any Business

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Host: Joe Stumpf

I have a deep belief that all lasting change begins on the inside and works its way out. I believe that success is a combination of doing the deep personal work and having a business philosophy that is in alignment with your core values. 

Ultimately, I believe the business that will give you the most joy and profitability is one that is based on referrals and repeat business. 

I believe that becoming a referable person may be one of the most rewarding and challenging quests you’ll ever embrace. 

I believe that when you focus on developing yourself and creating the systems and structure in your business that make it easy and fun for others to introduce you to the people they care about, that your work will become your play. 

I believe that old model of cold calling and buying leads on the internet is a way to avoid connection. I believe what Gary Vaynerchuk say’s “You are first a media company and the backend of your business is selling real estate and helping people get loans”. 

I believe that dialogue skills are essential to mastery. 

I believe that the future of real estate is brighter than ever. 

I believe that the agents and lenders who will prosper the most are the ones that embrace the role of being a provider of all Home Services. 

I believe in community and being part of a group of like- minded people is the secret to sustainability. 

I believe that life is for learning and when we learn something, we integrate it then teach it. 

I believe that every real estate agent and lender is the leader of a tribe.  A tribe of 150 people has the capacity of referring over 50 transactions a year to you. 

I believe that “Gardening" is a 10x more profitable then “Farming.” 

I also believe that beliefs are changeable, you do what you do when you believe what you believe, and when you believe differently you do differently. 

I believe that I have an important message that must be shared. 

I believe you will get what you need when you need it from my message.


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